who do cats purr

You will love to play with your furry ball and when it purrs you will feel like you are in heaven. You just curl up with them to make them happy. Te mystery behind the sound that creates a magic is still not revealed and everybody thinks why do cats purr? No one is sure about it. Many people have a number of good guesses. One good observation is that they purr when they are feeling awesome or they are pleased. But the case is not true all the time. Some cats purr when they are hungry. Injury can be another reason. Sometimes they are frightened to something and they make such sound.

why do cats purr?

The mechanism behind cat purr is that they use their larynx and their diaphragm muscles to make this sound. They use these muscles in inhaling and exhale process. Central nervous system controls these contractions but the true phenomenon is not yet known. In the 19th century it was considered that they can both purr and roar. They divided them in two families, Purrers, and roarers. The taxonomists believe that many cats like panthers can purr but related families like leopards, lion, tigers, and cheetahs can not roar. Another answer to the question, why docats purr? Can be that they do it to make communication. They change the frequency of their purr and change the volume low and loud. Researchers also believe that purring is also associated with their social surrounding like nursing, grooming when they are relaxing and they are becoming friendly.

why do cats purr Soothing?

Purring can be soothing for cats but it can be if they are in some traumatic situation. We can relate human phenomenon with it as we cry laugh to sootheyou. Same is the case with cats.  Besides calming themselves cats also purr to heal their bones. Your domestic car purrs to encourage tissue regeneration. Bones always respond to pressure by making them stronger. Cats spend a lot of time to wait for their food. They make a purring sound to stimulate their bones and to make them active. It is necessary to retain their bones density. It is not suitable to say that cat purr only for one reason as their purring depends upon history and their expectation.

How can cats show contentment?
we always think about our domestic cats and there is always a question, who do cats purr? No one is certain about it. As there are a number of theories about this question. Some reasons will convince you while other will be so ridiculous to believe. Cats try to curl up in your lap and they enjoy it making careless purring to the world. Contentment in the main reason that is being believed by most of the people. There are many reasons when cats make a loud purr. But there is also another question. Why does a contented cat have any reason to show its contentment? Maybe it is their contentment to show that they have affection for people that are around them.

Cats try to reach their favorite person by making purring sound and roll over them frequently. It is their gesture to show affection for them. In this condition, purring is the part of their affection. If their purring is audible then it means that they are communicating their affection to the people around them. You can also say that they are saying you “I love you”.

Besides the theory of showing contentment and affection, cats also purr to show their serious pain and injury. They are sometimes giving us a message to look after them in their pain and trouble. If you are a strict person then they are trying to say you don’t hurt them anymore.

who do cats purr

How does Purr heal them?

For cats purring means healing and they don not loose any opportunity to heal themselves. There are many situations when you encounter a loud purring sound. The frequency range of a cat’s purr is between 25Hz to 150 Hz. According to a proved study low purring has strange effect animal’s physiology. These purring sounds relax their muscles hence causing quick healing from their injury. They cause an increase in their muscles strength. It is proved that cats are very tough and they can survive many injuries and illness that can kill a man. If they fall from great heights or they accidently get deadly poisons, they recover soon without showing any long lasting effects. They also love to take hazardous foods and sometimes you have to hide all those stuff if you have a domestic cat.

Feeling when they are hungry

Some cats make a purring sound when they are hungry and it’s their meal time. A research was conducted on the sound of a domestic cat when she was hungry. Another research was made when the food was not their intention and they were not hungry. Both sounds were different.  It was found that when they are hungry they purr in an unpleasant way and they mix it with their mew and little cry which is a bit like a human baby cry. If you listen to such sounds, then quickly respond to them. Some people can differentiate between cat purrs even when they are not their owner.

Kitten’s Connection with its Mother

Kittens can purr when they are few days old. It is their way to let their mother know that they are not OK. This purring sound makes a strong bond between a kitten and its mother. For mother cat, it is just like a lullaby.

Purr always help them to breathe well. It also lessens their pain in any injury as well as swelling. It is the most common sound that cats make. Cats purr to communicate their emotions and need to us. If you pick a cat up in your hand, then think why do cats purr? She is purring to like you or she is nervous in your hands.

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