why do cats knead

A study in of social psychology has revealed that people keep cats in their homes as owning a pet gives you comfort. It also a great source of happiness as they beautiful cats keeps their affection for the master constant. Their delightful and funny activities bring joy and strengthen the relationship of master. Kneading is a hobby of every cat. They push-forward motion with their paws and give some message to the humans. The question here is why do cats knead?

The reason behind their kneading is very interesting. Some of the cats knead with a single paw while others knead with both paws. Their kneading involves a dance that you face while you are sitting, cooking or washing.  Your smile on their kneading questions about cat’s purpose of doing it. The owner and the pet itself enjoy the activity. The owner also becomes curious about cat’s behavior.  The answer to this question is as easy as a pie. It relates to the observation about the life of cat.

Nourishment through kneading

A cat starts kneading when they are kittens. They place their paws around the nipples of their mother to feel the warmth. They start kneading their mother. They learn and feel the pressure and flow of the milk at the time when they do this activity.  They know that kneading brings a reward of food. It also gives them sign they are in the protecting presence of their mother. Cats purr at the time when they knead has do this to show their contentment of touching something soft. It stays in their memory that kneading is a way to transmit a message to enjoy the feeling of softness. They put their paws up and down to show that they enjoy this process. The habit that started with infancy ends with the life of a cat. The nourishment that they revive in their early years with their mother brings them in a continuous state of kneading. They cycle of learning to knead continues with the birth of new the kittens. They also go through the same process and experiences.  Nourishment through kneading is a phenomenon that is much related to the relationship of a mother cat and its kitten. A cat keeps the initial experience as a part of her life. It develops the activity as a habit and passes it to the next generation.

why do cats knead

Habit of Taking Pleasure 

The scientist who have researched about the life of cats say that cats knead because they constantly need happiness and protection after detachment with their mother. It is also reported that the cats tramp down the grass for turning into own bed.  Another factor behind the answer that why do cats knead is that it turns into a habit. It might tap at a soft blanket or be owning her place. She keeps on trying to turn the bed in a more comfortable way. Cats also knead before they go into heat to show their fervor of a mate. The kneading left the scents of cat’s paws. The answer to curiosity about why do cats knead is connected with their biological psychology. The smell gives a sign top other cats that it this place is the entity of another cat. The sign of kneading is also considered the act of flattery. They are conveying a message of love for you.  The behavior of cats is mostly observable in domestic cats, because they are growing up in a way to live with the expression. The process of kneading pushes paws interchange into left and right position. Another fact about kneading is very famous that a cat kneads to show happiness in adulthood. The activity that started with the nursing of its mother stays in the long run of cats’ life. People also say that kneading takes place before the time of domestication. The cat to down foliage in order to make a soft surface at time of delivering baby or sleeping for comfort. The fact is very surprising as it shows that not only humans, but animals also have a certain kind of expression to show that they are enjoying something. While many have connected it to other facts, we have to accept it as the activity of getting happiness. The study which describes the owners of pets as more happy then those who do not have pets shows that they receive the phenomenon of happiness from their pets.

Claim of Territory 

All of us know that human claim their authority of territory by official documents. Is it same with animals? Do they do something to show their authority or belongings of a place? Yes, they do certain activity to show it.  The kneading of cats is one of the animals’ terminologies to show that the place belongs to them. What do cats do for it? Do they do some aggressive action for conveing the message? Or there is another secret behind it. The study of cat’s life says thay cats spread scent to claim that this area belongs to them and no one else is authorized to stay on their property. It is a very strange thing that innocent domestic cats or violent outside cats use their scent to show their power over a place.  The mysterious creatures are a fascinating animal do some relaxing activity that helps them to zone out. Kneading is also a sign of alleviating stress as cats wants to stay happy in a domestic environment.
It is also a preparation of a soft place to sleep. Whether it is a blanket or anything that the owner provides for the cat to sleep, a cats pushes it backward and forward kneading to prepare the soft and comfortable place for her. They knead before sleeping and make it a habit of their life. Surprisingly, other animals such as dog and wolf also do some activity that describes an aspect of their lives. All these factors clearly answer clearly
why cats knead

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