warrior cat names

In the famous book of Warriors, the cat names are designated according to the certain pattern. Every cat is identified with a  name and gender, so they can be distinguished from each other. The cat when named gives them an identity which is important for every living being.It is difficult to opt for a warrior name for your cat. The cat lovers want their pet cat name to be unique and many cat owners go for warrior cat names.

The 10 Step Formula

The warrior cat names can be decided by following the famous 10 steps. These steps do you define, analyze and evaluate your cat’s personality and habits and make both of you understand each other


  1. Decide the cat’s personality

The close observation of your cat can help you decide whether your cat is playful and joyous and does cute, silly things the name best suited is Squirrelleaf or something related to an energetic thing. However, if the cat is noble warrior going for some impactful warrior name.

  1. The physical appearance

The cat’s look and appearance are important. The cat is distinguished from the pattern on the body. If there is striping pattern going for the name related with tiger or leopard, which sounds dangerous and warrior.

     3. The cat’s habits and capabilities

If your cat loves to hunt, the hunter and violent name are most suitable. If your cat is protective and aggressive then Redscar, tigerstar is worthy names.


  1. Cat’s history

This defines that your cat is jolly, excited, loving or caring. The history helps define the personality as well, which gives a larger platform to select the name.

warrior cat names

  1. Search warriors books

Got for some books which are warriors book. The famous warriors book by Erin hunter describes the best warrior’s name for cats. Moreover, you can also use some cat clans name and break them and make another name by suing the two names separately. This all requires the creativity of your mind. For instance, the good hunter cat can be named Amber leaf, Thundercat.Gray tom the best suitable name for a fast warrior cat.

The cats with red bushy tails can be named redscad, shadetail. Windclan can also be used for a black cat with silver patterns and green eyes. And shadow clan another cat group which was famous for hunting. The history well defines the cat and it is personality, which is a lot of assistance for you to choose a suitable warrior name.

  1. Simple first name

Keep in mind that you will never loud out the full name of the cat. The first name will be the priority so keep it simple and creative and easy to call out your cat from anywhere. For instance, Dapple, Smokey, Misty and more.

  1. The warrior name starts with something natural

This step elaborates the names which are more related to nature like moon, sun, stars. The names associated with nature can be like, Riverstone, Moonlight, stormyhunt.

  1. Fix last part of warrior name with the first part

If the cat name is leopard initially, then add hunt or claw or Hawk to make a strong warrior name.

  1. Match cat’s appearance and name

It is significant before naming your cat to look for the appearance. If your cat has string the string violent look doesn’t name cute  or fury which can be a contradiction in the personality.

  1. Avoidance of religious names:

When naming your cat and a warrior cat does not deserve to be named the name of God or Goddesses  or anything which is imaginary or supernatural. The warrior cat world is a realistic place for cats and they should be named accordingly.

Look out for the steps before naming your personal favorite warrior cat and make your cat shine in the warriors cat world.

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