Scottish Fold kittens

The Scottish Fold is a domestic cat breed with the natural dominant gene mutation, causing ears to fold; bending down and forward towards the head. It is usually referred as an owl like a cat. They are so adorable that can melt anyone’s heart. As compared to an average baby Cat, Scottish Fold kittens look like teddy bears with their chubby body, round face, and wide eye expressions. They are a unique breed with mesmerizing quality.

More about Scottish Fold kittens

A kitten which is born from this type of breeding has 30% chances of having joint issues. It causes bone lesions and thickening or stiffening of joints; mostly paws, tail and leg joints. Responsible breeders, breed a folded ear cat with straight ear cat, which reduces the chances of osteodystrophy in kittens. Even if breeding it done between American and British Shorthair, this problem can be avoided. With these procedures and protocols, it has become possible to help the breed come back to its original full-bodied health.

There are a few points which must be remembered in case of fold kitten, they are:

  • All Scottish kittens do not have folded ears.
  • Only 50% of kittens have folded ears.
  • Not having folded ears is not a problem; it is natural and can never be predicted.
  • Folding can be a single loose fold or a tight triple fold.
  • When the kittens are born, ear fold does not appear for three weeks.
  • Sometimes, ears might start to fold, but end up straight later However, there is research going on for this condition.
  • They do not get any mites or infections in their ears if they have tightly folded ears.
  • Scottish Fold kittens


There are a few precautions which must be taken if you wish to get your hands over a Scottish kitten.

  • First of all approach a well-reputed breeder who has complete knowledge about the breed.
  • Also, make sure both the parents of your kitten are not Scottish Otherwise, there are higher risks of congenital osteodystrophy.
  • Also, check immobility or stiffness in the kitten’s tail. The tail must not be abnormally short, so keep an eye on that as well.
  • Watch the way a kitten moves and walk. You must not buy the one which seems to suffer from mobility or lameness.

Signs of a healthy kitten

Scottish kittens are just like any other kittens so they must be taken care of in the same way. Sings of a healthy kitten are:

  • Clean nose and eyes with no irritation and discharge
  • Clean earn with no door, black girt or discharge – it can be ear mites
  • The coat must be clean, without any flaking skin or bald spots. It must be flea free.
  • Rear end must be clean with no sign of parasites, irritation or diarrhea.


Make sure that the fold kitten is at least nine weeks old before he or she leaves parents. It is because; only then a kitten can live on its own at a new place. They need vaccinations, nutritious diet, and de-worming. It also demands a lot of attention and love.

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