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This feline breed is accepted to have started from Russia. The Russian Blue is a strong feline breed that is prestigious for its great looks. The breed can be contrasted with the Oriental Shorthair as far as physical attributes, however, it tends to have firmer muscles. It is an exquisite, slim, and long feline breed.


Russian Blues have a normal future of around 15–20 years, some have even satisfied a most extreme of 25 years and have few well being issues as they tend to have almost no hereditary issues and are not inclined to illness. They are a moderate-sized feline with a normal weight of 3.5 to 7 kg (7.7 to 15.4 lb.) when fully developed. Guys will ordinarily be bigger than females. Their growth period is around 65 day

Russian blue kittens for sale

This rich hide made it an objective for seekers who contrasted its extravagant hide with the kind found on seals. It has a splendid blue coat that is darker at the roots while the tips seem, by all accounts, to be silver. This makes the coat shimmer in the intelligent light. Another special physical trait is its eye shading. Russian blue kittens for sale have yellow eyes, which in the end turn out to be splendid green when they develop. This eye shading supplements its blue-silver coat. It has wide, round eyes that are slightly inclined at the top corners. The feline breed additionally has an entertaining grin that is marginally upturned.



The Russian Blue little cat is the best alternative for creature darlings who are searching for a very much carried on feline they can undoubtedly prepare. This breed appreciates playing with people and it is critical to set aside a few minutes for it in light of the fact that it has a tendency to seem hurt when disregarded. It is a held breed, however, it is still fun loving. It wouldn’t fret investing energy in its own particular, however, it gets energized in its proprietor’s vicinity.

Why Russian blue kittens for sale have importance?

The Russian Blue cat is an extraordinary side kick that will continue pursuing you around the house. On the off chance that you have a family comprised of a few individuals, the little cat may incline toward one of you over the rest. However, it will coexist with a great many people including kids. It can be troubled effectively and may be timid or anxious around outsiders or in new situations. The Russian Blue little cat inclines toward consistency and hence, it is imperative to adhere to a normal as far as bolstering. What’s more, it is exceptionally flawless and won’t even approach a filthy litter box. This Breed is best for a pet and its loving and caring cat with fewer allergies. In this breed, the male is more suitable for the female owner as this breed is more loving and girlish then the other breeds of cats. Therefore, if you ever a get a chance of getting a Russian blue kitten, never lose it

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