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Popular types of cats breeds

Many types of cats breeds are seen as the most popular ones in the world. What makes these cats so famous are certain personality traits, looks and of course how good or bad they behave like a pet. In this article, we will be looking at hand-picked breed of cats and will be specifically focusing on the Maine Coon kittens.

Types of cats – Persian cats

The Persian cats are types of cats that are very popular. There are Several reasons credit to their popularity. They range in size from a medium to large whereas average Persian cats are mostly medium. They are one of those few cats that have the fluffiest appearance which makes them a delight to be kept as a pet. However, regardless of them being so soft, these cats are actually very strong internally. The fur on their body is soft, silky and has an extremely lovely texture to it.

Persian cats


Types of cats – Siamese Cats

The Siamese Cats are referred to as the modern cats of today’s world. These cats are built strong and muscular. Instead of fur coat on the body, they have a smooth skin that engulfs their body muscle. The unique and distinct feature of the Siamese cats is the colored pattern patches all over its body. Mostly its ears, tail, and legs are dark while rest of the body is light colored.

Siamese Cats

Types of Cats – Maine Coon kittens

The Maine Coon kittens are known as giants of the cat world. The Maine Coon kittens Hale from the New England zone. The Maine Coon cat breeders are mostly natives of the New England or other parts of Europe. Owing to their big size they are termed as the Giants of the cat world. Moreover, the personalities of these cats match their size. The Big Maine coon cats are very friendly and enjoy the company of their fellow cats and human friends as well!

What do the Maine coon kittens look like?

  • The Maine coon cats are muscular and big in size and built.
  • The average weight of the cats ranges between 15 to 25 pounds, which is actually a lot for cats.
  • Maine coons are entirely covered with silky fur. The color of the fur comes in all kinds of colors including the basics black, brown, gray and white and of course the exciting cars such as red, orange, pale and cream as well.
  • The color of the eyes of the Maine coons has also been their trademark feature. The eye color is actually very attractive with the commonest ones being silver, gold and green!
  • Similar to the rest of their body, the cats have big ears and paws as well. It, however, looks great because it adds proportion to their overall body making them look beautiful.

maine coon cats

Personality of the Maine Coon kittens

Although the Maine coon cats are known as the giants of the cat world but it won’t be wrong to say that these are the friendly and kind giants. The personality of Giant Maine coon cats is mild and friendly but they prefer to live life king size. Remember the cat in Stuart little or the little white cat in Cinderella? These cats are the perfect example of a Maine coon cats; living life with their nose high up in the air and enjoy every bit of the attention they get.

  • Since a small age, the Maine coon cats are very loving.
  • They enjoy the attention they get, every single bit of it.
  • These cats are known as one of the noise maker cats as they love to talk and are very interactive.
  • These cats are very smart and intelligent. So you can say that these little ones are the beauty with the brain!
  • There is no denying that these cats have a sense of daring superiority which they tend to move around within the house.

Health Scares for Maine Coon Cats

It is sad that the cats as gorgeous and loving as the Maine coons kittens actually have various types of health scares and have to be well taken care of. Here are a few common health problems that are common in this breed of cats.

  • Polycystic disease – It is the dysfunctioning of the kidneys
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which is a common cat heart disease
  • Spinal atrophy – It leads to immobilization and resistance in movement

Without a doubt, out of all types of cats the Maine coon cats are much loved because of all the little details that have been discussed above.

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