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Everyone loves pets. People all over the world have dogs and cats and all sorts of animals as pets. The cutest among them are surely the kittens. According to research, there are 86.4 million domestic cats in the US. In the UK there are 9.8 million cats in homes, in Asia, there are 10 million cats in homes, there are 2 million cats in homes in Africa, and there are 14.7 million cats in the homes of rest of the world. This number is huge. It tells who much people love the cats. There are many breeds of cats which the people love to have as a pet. Some like small cats, some like the furry breed cats and some like the Maine Coon cats or the Maine Coon kittens. So, what is a Maine Coon breed of cats? These are large-sized cats.  Many people call them the “giant cats,” some people call those “gentle giants”, and based on their size, and these cats are also known as “the dogs of the cat world.” It is why you will see that there are so many Maine Coon cats for adoption and sale.

Maine Coon kittens: History

The Maine Coon breed is the largest breed of the domestic kittens in the USA. The Maine Coon breed is native to North America. There are a few beliefs that these kittens emerged by crossing raccoons and the domestic cats.

The first Maine Coon kitten was adopted in 1861. It was a time when the kittens were famous in New York and Boston. They were frequently seen in the cat shows. In the cat show at Madison Square Garden in the year 1895, a Maine Coon kitten won the best kitten award. It was after that people took notice of this breed and started purchasing these kittens for their homes.

Later in the year 1968, an association was formed to preserve the Maine Coon breed of kittens. It was called the MCBFA i.e. Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association. This association is still at work and has more than a thousand kitten fanciers and more than 200 kitten breeders.

Maine Coon kittens: nature and characteristics

These are some of the best kittens when it comes to being domestic. These kittens have a glossy coat. Their fur is water-resistant. The size of these kittens is larger than the normal cats. The tail of these Maine Coon breeds is also a bit longer and fluffier than other cats, which helps the cat protect against the cold of the winter. As opposed to their massive body, these cats have a tiny soft voice. On average, a male Maine Coon weighs 12 pounds, and the females weigh an average 10 pounds.  It is why they are called the giant Maine Coon cats.

These kittens have large eyes. The eyes are round and oblique. These Maine Coon breeds of kittens have gold, green, green-gold, blue, or copper-colored eyes. As they are large their paws and ears are also long and fluffy.

These kittens are intelligent in nature. These kittens are loving and very much devoted to the humans who adopt them. The Maine Coon cat personality is playful. The kids love these kittens because they can play with these kittens all day long.



Maine Coon kittens: interesting facts

Here are a few facts and interesting information about the Maine Coon breed which you might not know.

  • Unlike other cats and kittens, these Maine Coon breeds of cats love water. As they have a water-repellent coat, it makes them less soaked when they are in the water. So, naturally, these cats are not scared of water as other cats are.
  • As many people think the Maine Coon cats are not all brown. These kittens come in all kinds of patterns and colors. If you go around and look for a Maine Coon breed you will find that there are smoke-colored Maine Coons, there are blue Maine Coons, there are cream-colored Maine Coons, there are cameo Maine Coons, there are tortoiseshell Maine Coons, there are also chocolate-colored and iliac found in some parts of the world.
  • The Maine Coons are excellent in winters. Unlike other cats, they have the fur and coat which keeps them warm even in severe winter. They also have a long fluffy tail which they wrap around their bodies to protect them from severe cold weather.
  • The Maine Coons were the most famous kittens in the US until the Persian cats came. The Persian cats became so famous that it is thought these Maine Coons almost became extinct.
  • In 1985, these cats were named the official state cats of Maine. They are not just popular in Maine, but according to the CFA statistics, this cat breed is third most famous domestic cat in the US.
  • There are many instances where you will see a dog or a cat in the Hollywood movies. One of the best movies of all time, Harry Potter also has a cat in it. A female Maine Coon cat was one of the cats owned by Argus Filch, Mrs. Norris. This cat was found in southwest England where she showed excellent training characteristics.
  • Another interesting fact which you did not know about a Maine Coon cat is that it was the first commercially cloned cat. It was cloned in 2004.
  • Many cats and dogs have their names in the Guinness Book of World Records. The record for the longest cat, however, goes to a Maine Coon. The cat measured 48.5 inches long.

If you are a pet lover, then have Maine Coon kittens in your house. These are intelligent, playful and lovely kittens. These cats also love water. These kittens are a perfect choice if you have a swimming pool in your house. Whenever you have a cat in the house, make sure that you take proper care of it. These kittens can live for twelve years. If you take good care of these kittens, they will become attached to the family and live with you like a family member.

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