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Almost every person love cats, whether it is a domestic or wild. There are many cat breeds which you love to cuddle, but those are bigger than the average cat. All of the domestic cats are primarily descended from wild cats of Africa. With the passage of time, the cats have spread all around the globe and divided into distinctive categories. Every breed and type of cat appear different to each other because of their unique personality, traits, and appearance which is known as the signature of cats. Nowadays it is hard to wonder that which breeds of domestic cats are largest cats or feline giants. However, the list of largest domestic cat breed is mentioned below. So get your’s feline friend which you like most.

Savannah the largest domestic Cat

Savannah Cat is at the top of the list and is well known for the largest domestic breed. Many cat lovers dispute on the breed of Savannah cat that it is not domestic but a recent cat creation which comes from Serval, African wild cat, and the Siamese. The Savannah breed is not common in the UK and not recognized by the Governing Council of Cat. This cat does have unique needs which only an owner can understand and should consider it before purchasing. These cats do possess the hunting nature and love to roam. This is the reason they are widely known as the UK natural wildlife creature. The size of the cat vary and depends on the ancestry. The largest known cat is 30 pounds, the size of small dog.

Mostly the cats get the size from the crossbred of the Serval breed. They are not heavy but tall and long. The average size is 25 pounds.

Maine Coon largest domestic cat

It is the largest cat breed which does not have any recent ancestry with the new wild cat’s juts like Savannah cat. These cats are friendly but get very demanding with the passage of time. They weigh almost from 10 pounds to 15 pounds for the female and approximately 15 to 25 pounds for a male. They are tall and long physically. They are very fluffy.

largest domestic cat


Largest domestic cat Chausie

The breed of cat is uncommon in the UK. However, the fanatics of this race travelled to France to find the Chausie kittens for trade. They are later on crossbred in the UK and are very popular in demand. The price of the premium Chausie is very attractive just like its appearance. They are very similar to the cats in the jungle because they have descended from the wild jungle cats. Chausie cats are the fourth generation of their wild ancestors which are the most considered and suitable domestic cat. The weight of female Chausie varies from 8 to 15 pounds while the male has weight up to 22 lbs. The beauty of this cat simply tempts anyone.


It is also one of the largest domestic cats which have long hairs and very kind nature. They have a calm temperament and are sedentary. It is the perfect choice of pet for those people who have quiet nature. Ragdoll proves to be the best companion because of the affectionate and friendly nature. Females of this breed weight from 10 to 15 pounds and males weigh around 15 to 20 pounds. It owns the calmest and outstanding personality which everyone love to cuddle.


Ragamuffin is the cousin cat of Ragdoll and also have many standard features. They do have a dense muscle structure but is strong. The kittens of this breed need at least five to four years to develop, and it requires almost three years for the ragamuffin to get the weight of 10 to 15 pounds. Which is ideal for females while the male can get up to 20 lbs.

Norwegian Forest Cat

It is the friendly long-haired breed of the cat which is common in Norway. They can bear harsh climates and can even survive in the very cold climate. Their looks are similar to Maine coon. These cats are very popular in Scandinavian and Norway areas. They are the largest domestic cats with the long and hairy structure and have an average weight of about 15 to 20 pounds.

largest domestic cats

Health and weight

Almost every domestic cat breed is mixed, and they have an average weight and similar size. They are not very gigantic in size or structure but are long/ some of the cats who have an ancestral history are larger in size than the other domestic cats. The cat lover must know about the history of the pet and need to monitor all the activity. If your cat weighs more than the average weight, then there are chances of overeating or they are eating too much food and have gained weight. So get them proper exercise and take care of your pet.

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