Large cat breeds are also the heaviest cat breeds known to humans. According to an average estimate, a large cat can weight anywhere between 15 to 25 pounds. The male cats are generally heavier than the females. In this article, we will be looking at the top 7 large cat breeds, including the Maine coon kittens. The Maine coon cats are known as the Giant or Dog of the cat world because of their huge body size.

Are Maine coon kittens included in large cat breeds?

Yes, the Maine coon kittens grow up to be the ‘giant of the cat world’. These cats are however not wild but rather very friendly and loving by nature. They are kept as a pet and they make amazing pets as well because of their interesting personality traits. However their size is no doubt one of the biggest that you will find amongst the cats. These cats are rather heavy too with the females weighing 16 to 18 pounds and males weighing 25 pounds (and this is an average estimate). Another very interesting and distinct body part of the Maine coons is their tails which is actually very, very long.

Large cat breeds other than the Maine coon kittens

Since in this article we aim to talk about 7 largest cat breeds and have to  talk about the Main coon kittens, we still have 6 more to go. There is no denying the fact that more than half of the world’s total population absolutely adores cats. For many it does not even matter if a cat is tame or wild, they just can’t hold their breath on the sight of it. Without any second thoughts, all cat lovers keep reading this article because this one is for you! So let’s talk about each large cat breeds briefly.

large cat breeds


Cat Breed # 1 – Savannah

The Savannah cats are seen as the most domestic and human-friendly cats and we bet that is something you already knew about them. What you might not know is that Savannah is rated as the largest cat breed in the world. Yes, not one of the largest but actually the largest cat breeds altogether. They weigh up to 28 pounds which is the heaviest you will find a cat to be. Contrary to their huge size, they make lovely house pets!

Cat Breed # 2 – Ragamuffin

These cats are as interesting and unique as their name. These cats are found similar to the Rag Dolls that are also included in this list of large cats. But it would be more appropriate to say that these cats are more like giant rag dolls because of their large size. These cats have a natural powerful strength and built but they show gradual growth and development.

Cat Breed # 3 – Chausie

The Chausie is the fourth largest cat breed in the world. It has personality traits which are not very tame but not very wild as well so they lie in between somewhere. Moreover, these cats are actually not very common which makes them rather expensive if you wish to purchase them.

Cat Breed # 4 – Maine Coon Cats

As mentioned above, the Maine coon cats are the undoubtedly the giant of the cat world. These cats are very unique because they can be dubbed as the cats that are beauty with brains. Most of their traits such as arrogance, empathy, intelligence and power to control are rather human-like.

Cat Breed # 5 – American Bobtail

This cat breed is named the American Bobtail because it is America’s favorite. The interesting thing here is that the Bobtail are actually of three different origins; American, Japanese and Korean. Here we only talk about the American Bobtail because it is the largest cat breed while the rest of the two are not so large sized animals. Additionally, though many people relate these cat breeds, the truth is that these cat breeds are not related at all and are completely separate cat breed, regardless of similar names.

Cat Breed # 6 – Rag Doll

The Rag dolls are downright beautiful animals. Their body is covered with long, silky smooth hair and these cats are known to be not only the largest cats but also the sweetest ones. They make excellent pets and are very loyal companions to come home to. These cats are by far not wild at all.

Cat Breed # 7 – Siberian cats

As the name clearly indicates, these cats have an origin back into the roots of Siberia. These large cats have a thick fur coat which is basically because they are mostly found in the cold zone of Siberia.

So now you know which cat breeds in addition to the Maine coon kittens are included in the large cat breeds of the world.

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