Teeth are an indispensable piece of your feline’s life structures, furnishing your feline with a powerful strategy for rapidly dispatching their employer. It is just decently as of late that feline proprietors have started to pay consideration on dental consideration in felines. This is of imperative significance in light of the fact that not just poor dental hygiene has had an influence on the teeth, yet it has additionally been demonstrated that it can influence different organs of the body too. This article will control you through all parts of cat teeth from teething in little cats to dental consideration and sicknesses of the teeth. Much the same as people, felines have two arrangements of teeth. You should know how many teeth do cats have and take care of them. Cat teeth and grown-up teeth. Little cat teeth start to drop out around three months of age. Little cats have 26 teeth, grown-up felines have 30.



In 2 weeks the little teeth at the front start to come in and in 4 weeks the long, pointy teeth beside the front teeth start to come in. The last stage of baby teeth additionally known biscupids, these are the teeth situated between the canine and molar teeth and after 8 weeks all child teethes have come out.


Apart from how many teeth do cats have, The grown teeth start coming in 12th week and after 6 months canines, pre-molars and molars come in and in 7 months all grown-up teeth ought to be completely created.

Every once in a while, the grown-up tooth will develop before the infant tooth has dropped out. This is known as shark or held teeth and is very regular. On the off chance that you see that your feline has two teeth in the one spot you ought to take it to the veterinarian who will have the capacity to extricate the child tooth.

how many teeth do cats have


Several maladies can influence feline teeth, including:

  • Gingivitis
  • Endodontic malady
  • Periodontal malady
  • Tooth sore
  • Stomatitis


  • Frequently give your feline, either crude chicken necks or wings, stout bits of crude meat which the feline truly needs to chew on.
  • Frequently perfect your feline’s teeth. You should buy an uncommon feline toothpaste from your vet. Never utilize human toothpaste on felines. It is a smart thought to begin cleaning your feline’s teeth from as right on time and age as could reasonably be expected.
  • Routinely check your feline’s teeth for indications of malady, for example, red and aggravated gums, terrible breath, tartar on the teeth, missing teeth and so on. On the off chance that you notice anything, look for veterinary consideration promptly.

Despite the fact that felines’ impulses drive them not to show torment, that doesn’t mean they don’t feel it. On the off chance that you’ve ever lost a filling, broken a tooth, or had a profound hole or dental ulcer, you know the amount it harms. Felines encounter that same level of distress when they create extreme dental issues. In the event that for no other explanation than to keep your feline from anguish superfluously, please verify your feline has consistent checkups and dental cleanings when your vet prescribes it.

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