how long do cats live

Cats are one of the beautiful mammals in the world. Various breeds of the cats are present in the world. The lifespan of the cats depends on the environmental situations and the health of the animal. The breeds differ in size, and on the basis of the presence of the hairs that is some are fluffy while others are bald. The life span of the cats depends upon the environment, health, lifestyle and the diet they get. The pet cats survive more as compared to wild cats as pets get more care, environment according to their requirement and healthy food. According to the lifestyle then how long do cats live? According to the studies, the average lifespan of the cat is 15 years.

1. How long different breed cats live

Like humans, animals also have the effect of environment on them. The safe, healthy environment gives the better life as compared to the unhygienic environment. Different breeds have a different life span. Some of the types are discussed according to how long do cats live. These are as followingAbyssinian catThe average lifespan of this type of cat is 9 to 15 years. It is fine bone medium size cat. The kittens are born with dark brown coat then as they grow the coat becomes lighter in color. They are sensitive and become depressed if ignored or the owner does not take care of the cat. So it may cause the health effect on the breed and she may die.

American bobtail

This trill, chirp, and the loving cat have an average life of 13 to 15 years. These types are considered intelligent. They love to play hide and seek thus are loving and playful cats.

American curl

These are considered long living cats having the lifespan of more than 15 years. These are soul mates, affectionate and faithful cats. They have adjustment quality and give room to another owner to adjust with these loving cats.


The healthy cats can live up to 18 to 22 years and are considered as the intelligent of all the cat types. It is the fluffy cat and sincere to its owner.


It is the loving cat and gives a light cuddle. It also reminds its owner in low voice about the food time. The cat can live for 12 to 16 years.


The cat with 8 to 14 years of the life and pronounced as Kim Erik. It has the weight of 8 to 12 pounds but when lifted it feels heavy as compared to its appearance.

German Rex

Its longevity range of 9 to 14 years.She appears as a large cat because it stands higher on its leg originally it is a small to medium size cat. Its hairs are not guard type but is silky and curl.


This 10 to 15 years living cat appears like a small tiger. Its variety has 12 colors and is athletic type breed.

how long do cats live

2. How long do cats live in different environment:

There are two types of cats indoor and outdoor types. How long do cats live in different environments depend upon the conditions in which they live? Their life and survival time is totally dependent upon the conditions in which they live.
Indoor cats
Indoor cats need special care and attention. Its life span is about thirteen to seventeen years. To give it a healthy life it is important to provide it the environment which the breed require to live in. various factors play role in the healthy survival of the cat.
• The life of the indoor cats is more as compared to outdoor cats. This is because they can get a safety as outside they may have an accident as the fast car or bike can hit them.
• The owner of the cat takes care of the cat in a similar way like his own child.
• The indoor cats get proper temperature which they need for their survival.
• Inside the cat is more save as no stranger can kidnap it.
• The indoor cats also get the proper vaccination on regular basis.
• The dangerous insects or animals do not cause harm to them.
Outdoor cats
Outdoor cats because of their outside habitat ha life span of just 3 to five years because
• They may get accident from the car or bike while parking the road
• Insects and worms may cause damage or bite them which may result in the death of the cat.
• Environmental hazards also decrease the life of the cat as the severe temperature may prove vulnerable to the health of the cat.
• Strangers or naughty kids can kidnap the cat and place to the unsafe area where it may not able to survive.
• Unhealthy and unhygienic food also affects the health of the cat.
• Improper nutrition may cause retardation and the death of the animal.

3. How long do cats live in unhealthy environment

The living condition plays an important in the health of the animal. The cats living in healthy conditions are less susceptible to any disease conditions but the reverse happens if the environment is not compatible to the cat living style. So how long do cat live in the unhealthy environment, it is natural fact that dirty place or environment always show a negative impact. The cat may suffer from many diseases that result in the death. The common disease which mostly cats suffer from is feline infectious peritonitis. It is the viral disease and once it occurs it is considered as the call of the death and the cat’s life declines. Te another disease the cat may suffer is diabetes. It has symptoms similar to diabetes type 2 in humans. It is treatable disease and the cat may survive some years if the care is given to them.
The environmental conditions have the special effect on the life of the cat. As being the living creature, the healthy climate will give more chances of living as compared to dirty and unhygienic conditions. In a similar way, the behaviors also decide that how long do the cat live with his owne . if its master loves and cares then the animal will definitely survive longer as compared to the ignored environment.


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