Flea Treatment For Cats

If you have a pet, then you are obliged to protect it from all sorts of infections. There are thousands of infectious diseases which can be harmful to your pet’s health. The most common and dangerous are an infestation of fleas. There are numerous species of fleas, but the most chronicle is cynocephalid’s. It is important to find out flea treatment for cats because it keeps on growing once it is attached to the body and continues to suck blood.

Flea treatment for cats

The first thing every cat owner does after detection of flea is scary, but unfortunately, it does not work every time. They are not a permanent solution, so Capstar is said to be the most effective medicine used for fleas’ control. There are a few conditions in which Capstar can be used to get effective results; they are as follows:

  • It can be used for adult fleas only, the ones which are quite visible.
  • It only works for 24 hours, but this duration is enough as adult fleas are killed with 100% success in less than 24 hours.
  • It can be used for puppies and kittens of four weeks of age.
  • Capstar is useful for older cats and pregnant cats, equally.

Capstar is the most recommended medicine to treat fleas by veterinary doctors. Fleas develop and reproduce very quickly, which is the main reason to control it immediately. If it is not treated at the earliest stage, you can even lose your pet in a few days.A female flea can hatch more than 2000 eggs in her life span, which can be very dangerous for your cat.

Other frontline programs for flea for cats work 24 hours or, at least, take 24 hours to start working. Capstar is effective in less than 24 hours. Many pet owners think of Capstar as a useless medicine as it gives temporary relief from the disease. However, with the proper prescription of a veterinary doctor, its effects can be prolonged. Some veterinary doctors prescribe Capstar after using other mainstream programs to treat fleas. This makes the treatment safer and long term.

As there is no limitation of using it for immature cats only, it can be equally effective for all ages of cats and dogs.


Time to cure completely

Capstar takes almost three months for flea for cats if used with a combination of Frontline programs. There are a lot of websites which can guide you through the process of applying and using the medicine; you can take guidance from them. Otherwise, it is highly recommended to visit a vet for proper consultation and diagnosis of the severity of the issue.


This is not complex, but it must not be ignored. As it spreads very quickly, a little bit of negligence can be a threat to your pet’s life. A little bit of research on your own can help you analyze the severity of the disease. Otherwise, there are vets who know everything about animal diseases and they can guide you well.

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