british shorthair cat

By comparing to the other shorthair breeds, the british shorthair cat is comparatively peaceful cats. For the cat’s lovers, this breed is highly efficient and suitable. The majority of the people like to keep a variety of the cats at their home with other pets and kids. But the major problem about these cats is that these need special care and health issues. On the other hand, some of the breeds are not cooperative and hospitable for your guests. Due to their unfriendly nature, it gets difficult to handle them. Related to their grooming it needs to be more careful about the breed other than British shorthairs.

Properties of the British shorthair cat

It is the bread that is admired at the top level due to the peaceful nature and less care. Some of the important properties of the breed are given below. It will help you in getting sufficient knowledge about the british shorthair cat.

  1. They are calm and cooperative when these are mature.
  2. Due to talking infrequently and an easy going nature they are completely adorable for the majority of the pet lovers.
  3. With their owners, these cats become attached due to affectionate nature.
  4. These cats are highly adaptable because these are sharp learner that is why it is very easy to train them.
  5. These cats are very comfortable to keep in the small homes because they do not any special care.
  6. They will not require sitting in your lap all the time. Their preference is to sit beside you.
  7. The shorthairs love to welcome your guests in an innovative way because their requirement is only a delicate treatment. This is the reason these cats become the friends of the kids very easily.
  8. You can keep all size dogs, birds and rabbits with these British shorthairs.
  9. These are energetic cats but are not famous for acrobats. Due to their clumsy attitude sometimes these cats need to be kept in a room.
  10. These are very easy to keep because these cats do not need any specific health care because these do not have any health issues.

british shorthair cat

Personality british shorthair cat

The quiet personality of these british shorthair kittens makes them adorable for the cat lovers. Resembling with the teddy bear due to the large round eyes, purring, dense-coated and sturdy these cats are dynamic for your home. The appealing small size is perfect for small houses or apartments. These cats are available in medium and large sizes as well. A male british shorthair cat weighs 9 to 17 pounds and a female cat weighs 7 to 12 pounds.

  1. These are found in numbers of patterns and colors such as blue.
  2. For an extraordinary hunting ability and physical strength, these are admired at a global level.
  3. These are much loved and beautiful cats among the other breeds.
  4. It is a complete friendly breed that can be kept with other pets and kids.
  5. The thick coat of the short hair makes them different to other breeds.

british shorthair cat

How to groom british shorthair cat

Grooming these cats is very easy for the users because it does not need to comb daily. The shorthair and thick coat do not need special care. These are very easy to care because they do not have any health problem. Some of the important ways to groom these cats are given below.

  1. For protecting them diseases and germs keep the cats at home.
  2. Although these are not as much delicate but these cats require a delicate attitude.
  3. Due to the small hair brush their coat weekly
  4. They are anything but difficult to mind in view of little hide they require less to brush.
  5. For keeping those from the periodontal ailment these felines need to brush their teeth.
  6. Nail trimming is an unquestionable requirement in 15 days.
  7. For expelling any release from the sides of the eyes wipe delicately with a wet material.
  8. For keeping those from eye disease utilize a different fabric for wiping the release.
  9. Ears need extraordinary care so perfect the earth week after week. Wipe it with a wet delicate material or the cotton ball.
  10. For cleaning the ear use apple juice vinegar with warm water.
  11. Do not utilize cotton swab it will harm the ear from inside.
  12. These felines are extremely cognizant about lavatory cleanliness so keep the feline litter spotless and clean.

For keeping the british shorthair cat you do not need any hard and fast arrangement.

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